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Hydr02 Facial

3D HydrO2 is the medical grade facial everyone’s talking about comprising 7 clinically proven technologies guaranteeing a complete, prescriptive approach to your skin with extraordinary results.​

Dubbed the ultimate #FiveStarFacial, our HydrO2 Facial is a firm favourite with celebrities and is regularly featured in the national press.

Improve your skin health and reveal gorgeous glowing skin at our award-winning clinic in Oxfordshire, serving Thame, Aylesbury, Oxford and beyond. Find out which Hydr02 Facial is right for you.

How It Works

Your skin is the first line of defence from the environment. When your skin barrier is intact, it protects you from foreign substances such as bacteria or pollution.

Consisting of 7 steps, this innovative medical grade facial uses a combination of specialist serums and clinically proven technologies. This helps support skin barrier repair and keep it healthy.

What are the benefits of the 3D HydrO2 Facial?

  • HydrO2 is the 7-in-1 Facial which delivers consistent, predictable results!
  • The Hydro Peel technology removes dead skin cells, regulates cell turnover, and encourages an increase in microcirculation.
  • Oxygenation, Electro Ion, and Ultrasound increase the infusion of serums into the deeper layers of the epidermis. These serums contain natural moisture factors (NMFs), such as hyaluronic acid.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) stimulates natural collagen production, helping to lift, tone and tighten.
  • The Fire and Ice (hot and cold) plates encourage the skin to produce heat shock proteins to help further strengthen the epidermal layer.



Procedure Time

1 hour

Recommended No. Of Treatments

Varies, approx. 8

Numbing Cream

Not required

Side Effects

Slight redness


Immediate and improving over weeks

Duration Of Results

Dependent on technologies

Back To Work


Full Recovery



What areas of the skin can be treated?

The HydrO2 Facial technology has been developed specifically to target the face, including the jaw line, the neck, and the décolletage. It can alleviate common skin concerns including dry skin, dull skin, pigmentation, blocked pores, loose skin in the jowls and brows, and acne.


Will I need a consultation for HydrO2 Facial?

Treatment starts with a full consultation to discuss your facial concerns. Your therapist will then advise which facials and technologies are best suited to help you.

If you are over the age of 18 and do not have any medical contraindications, then you are suitable for the 3D HydrO2 facial treatment. The technologies allow us to customise the treatment to suit your skin type and concerns.


What are the types of HydrO2 Facials?

Alongside your therapist, you can choose from 3 specific treatment protocols for the HydrO2 Facial to further personalise your treatment: Anti-ageing, Brightening, or Clearer Skin.

  • Anti-ageing HydrO2 Facial – Combining 7 key stages to completely refresh and rejuvenate, lift, and physically tighten the skin. This 60-minute treatment includes the application of Time Defense Serum, Hydrating Masque and ZO Skin Aftercare products. Technologies used are Hydropeel, RF, Fire & Ice, Ultrasound and E Ion.


  • Brightening HydrO2 Facial – Combining 7 key stages to target areas of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This 60-minute treatment includes the application of a brightening serum to help target stubborn pigment and reveal healthy skin. Technologies used will depend on your skin type and desired treatment outcome.


  • Clear Skin HydrO2 Facial – Combining 7 key stages to unblock pores and remove congestion. This 60-minute treatment includes the application of a stronger peel to address areas of congestion. Technologies used will depend on your skin type and desired treatment outcome.

The HydrO2 Facial differs from the Hydrafacial (LINK) because Hydrafacials use specialist serums, boosters, and different exfoliating tips to personalise your treatment, they also include lymphatic drainage to remove puffiness and toxins. A HydrO2 facial uses serums along with specialist technologies to lift and tighten the skin, whilst exfoliating and hydrating.

We offer both Hydrafacial and HydrO2 facials at ERA. Your therapist will be able to assess your skin during your consultation and advise the best option for you, including combination treatments, based on your areas of concern and overall skin goals.


What can I expect during treatment?

During a HydrO2 treatment, you will experience varying sensations depending on the technologies that are used by your therapist. However, the overall feeling is very relaxing, cooling and completely pain-free. Our skin lifting technology may trigger slight twitching due to the muscle contractions caused by the treatment, but this is normal and does not cause any discomfort.


How long does HydrO2 Facial take?

The treatment lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes depending on which facial you have, but on average they are 60 minutes. Your therapist will be able to advise on the length of treatment based on your facial selection.


How many treatment sessions are recommended?

For Anti-Ageing, we recommend a course of 8 weekly treatments to start with, followed by a monthly maintenance treatment.

Brightening and Clear Skin facial protocols will depend on your personal skin goals.


Is there downtime after a HydrO2 Facial?

As these facials are completely non-surgical, there is no downtime from the treatments, and you can continue with your day-to-day activities straight away. Where heat (RF) has been used, we recommend avoiding activities like saunas or steam rooms for 24 hours post treatment.

Full aftercare advice will be given, and your therapist will recommend ZO Skin Health homecare products to maintain your results. We always recommend using an SPF50 following your treatment. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is one of the best anti-ageing treatments you can use; daily use will help protect your skin from UV (ultraviolet sunlight) and HEV (blue light).


What are the possible side effects from HydrO2 Facial?

You may experience minor erythema (redness) post-treatment; however, this is reduced due to the cryo or ice facial that is used at the end of each treatment.


When will I see results?

The results from this treatment will vary depending on which facial you choose, with some technologies offering continued improvements over several weeks. However, all facials result in a smooth, hydrated, and glowing appearance. Our anti-ageing facials will also display a tightened finish to the skin, while our clear skin facial will help with skin texture and reduce blocked or congested pores.


How long does a HydrO2 Facial last?

The duration of results from this treatment will vary depending on which facial you choose, and the technologies used. Maintenance treatments may be recommended by your therapist.

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