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Welcome to the forefront of skincare innovation with Cryopen – your premier solution for efficient and precise skin lesion removal. Say farewell to conventional methods and embrace a new era of targeted treatment that ensures optimal results with minimal discomfort.

Cryopen employs cutting-edge cryotherapy technology to freeze and eliminate unwanted skin lesions, including moles, warts, and skin tags. Our state-of-the-art device provides pinpoint accuracy, preserving surrounding healthy skin while effectively removing the lesion.

Experience a streamlined and virtually painless process that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, promoting rapid recovery and leaving your skin blemish-free. Trust Cryopen to deliver unparalleled precision and results, allowing you to confidently reclaim the beauty of your skin.

Explore the future of skin lesion removal with Cryopen – where advanced technology meets your skincare needs, ensuring a smoother, clearer, and more confident you.

How It Works

The Cryopen precision cooling technology sets the stage, operating at temperatures as low as -89 degrees Celsius (-128 degrees Fahrenheit). During the procedure, the Cryopen device meticulously controls this extreme cold, ensuring accurate and targeted treatment without compromising the integrity of surrounding healthy skin.

As the Cryopen comes into contact with skin lesions or pigmentation areas, it rapidly lowers the temperature of the targeted tissues, initiating a process known as cryolysis. This process exposes the cells to extreme cold, forming ice crystals within them and leading to the destruction of the targeted tissue. Despite the extreme cold, our precision cooling minimizes discomfort, making the experience virtually painless for patients.

Following the cryotherapy session, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are activated. The damaged tissue is gradually replaced by new, healthy cells, minimizing the risk of scarring. Our experienced professionals personalize the cryotherapy process to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results whether you’re addressing skin lesions, pigmentation concerns, or a combination of issues. With quick and efficient treatment sessions, Cryopen unveils the transformative power of advanced technology, revealing the true beauty of your skin. Schedule your Cryopen session today and let us guide you toward radiant, flawless skin with the precision of Cryopen technology.

Cryopen offers a practical solution to a treatment which is no longer covered by GP’s. Our fee’s include your initial consultation, first treatment and review with follow up treatment if needed.




Procedure Time

Approx. 30 mins

Recommended No. Of Treatments

1-3 treatments required 4 weeks apart

Numbing Cream

No anaesthetic needed

Side Effects


Painless procedure

Duration Of Results

Back To Work


Full Recovery



What is Cryopen treatment for skin lesions?

Cryopen treatment involves using a device that emits freezing agents to remove unwanted skin lesions, such as warts or skin tags.


How does Cryopen work?

The Cryopen works by delivering a controlled and precise stream of cryogen (freezing agent), causing the targeted skin lesion to freeze and eventually fall off.


Is Cryopen painful?

Generally, Cryopen treatment is well-tolerated. Some patients may experience a mild discomfort or stinging sensation during the procedure, but it’s usually brief.


Are there any side effects of Cryopen treatment?

Side effects are minimal and may include redness, swelling, or blistering in the treated area, which usually resolves on its own. In rare cases, scarring may occur.


How long does a Cryopen session take?

The duration of a Cryopen session depends on the size and type of the skin lesion being treated but typically lasts between 5 to 15 minutes.


Is there any downtime after Cryopen treatment?

Generally, there is minimal downtime. Patients can usually resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.


How many sessions are typically required for optimal results?

The number of sessions varies depending on the type and size of the lesion. In many cases, one session is sufficient, but some may require additional treatments.


Can Cryopen be used on all types of skin lesions?

Cryopen is effective for various skin lesions, including warts, skin tags, and benign moles. However, it may not be suitable for certain lesions, and a consultation with a dermatologist is recommended.


Who is a good candidate for Cryopen treatment?

Generally, individuals with benign skin lesions who are looking for a non-invasive and quick removal option are good candidates for Cryopen treatment. Consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial to determine suitability.


Is Cryopen covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage varies, and Cryopen treatment for cosmetic reasons may not be covered. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider or healthcare professional to understand coverage details.

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