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HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound and is a proven technology which has been used for many years. The ultrasound energy penetrates the skin at different depths to tighten and tone the skin. A HIFU non-surgical face lift is offered at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic in Oxfordshire.

HIFU is an innovative, painless, and non-invasive way to plump sagging skin and reduce wrinkles that lasts up to 18 months and is skin-friendly. Often referred to as a non-surgical facelift, HIFU uses highly concentrated ultrasound waves to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

If online video calls and meetings have left you feeling you could do with a facelift without the needles or surgery, a HIFU facelift could be the right treatment for you, and we can help if you live in the areas of Thame, Aylesbury, or Oxford.

How It Works

A HIFU facelift is an effective option to consider if you have some skin laxity around your jaw or neck area. HIFU also helps to tighten overall facial skin which helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles and can give a gentle brow lift.

We introduced HIFU technology to the clinic in 2019 and have treated many clients successfully during that time. When considering HIFU treatment it is important to note that the non-surgical results do develop gradually and you do not see a ‘wind tunnel’ effect.

What are the benefits of a HIFU non-surgical face lift?

  • Lift and tighten sagging skin on face or body with no downtime.
  • HIFU can be used on the face and body.
  • 20% of the result can be seen immediately after the treatment. 3-6 months later, the final result is visible.



Procedure Time

1 hour

Recommended No. Of Treatments


Numbing Cream

Cooling gel

Side Effects

Redness, swelling and tingling


Improves up to 6 months

Duration Of Results

12-18 months

Back To Work


Full Recovery

24 hours


What areas of the skin can be treated?

HIFU facelift is a good option if you are looking to address skin laxity without the use of dermal fillers or surgery. HIFU is also good option to tighten and tone a ‘turkey neck’.

HIFU is a non-surgical treatment; there are no incisions needed and there is no downtime. Undergoing a surgical procedure is an invasive procedure which is carried out by a surgeon. Facelift procedures have come a long way and whilst still expensive in comparison to HIFU treatment, they provide a permanent result and are a better option if you have significant skin laxity.

HIFU stimulates the body’s natural collagen which increases volume under the skin to increase plumpness and in doing so it improves over all skin quality and tone.

Depending on the settings used, HIFU can also be a very good option to reduce fat on the face or body, it is particularly effective for treating double chins.


Will I need a consultation for HIFU?

Before you embark on any HIFU treatment for the face or body, you will need a consultation to ensure you are suitable for treatment and to understand your treatment goals and expectations. Your therapist will explain how the treatment works and assess the areas you are looking to have treated and discuss your anticipated results.

You can have HIFU non-surgical facelift if you have previously had dermal fillers and botulinum toxin (Botox), but you must wait at least one month between your last treatment and your HIFU treatment. If you are embarking on HIFU, Botox and dermal filler treatment for the first time, we recommend having your HIFU treatment first and assessing the results from that before having other aesthetic treatments.


What can I expect during treatment?

Your therapist will mark your face into sections and apply a cooling gel whilst you relax on the treatment couch. She will treat each section, at the required depth to ensure optimal results. After your treatment the gel and markings will be removed, and a hydrating gel and SPF will be applied to protect your skin from sun damage.


How long does HIFU non-surgical facelift treatment take?

A HIFU non-surgical facelift takes around 90 minutes for the face and neck.


How many treatments are recommended?

Depending on your goals we may recommend 1 or 2 sessions to achieve your desired result.


Is HIFU treatment safe?

HIFU has been used in aesthetic procedures for many years. A HIFU therapist needs to undergo specific training before being able to carry out the procedure.


What conditions are contraindicated for HIFU Non-surgical facelift?

You will not be able to have HIFU treatment if you have any of the following medical conditions: open facial wound, metal stents in the treatment area, pacemaker, pregnant or breastfeeding, migraines, Bell’s Palsy, bleeding disorder, autoimmune disease, epilepsy, or diabetes.


Does HIFU facelift hurt?

The procedure can be a little uncomfortable on certain areas of the face where there is less volume, for example, around the jawline or across the top lip. HIFU treatment is often described as a tingling feeling which can become more intense in these areas. A cooling gel is applied to aid comfort during treatment.


Is there downtime after a HIFU Facelift?

There is no downtime with a HIFU facelift treatment. Since the treatment targets deeper layers, the surface of the skin is not affected. After the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities.

Side effects are minimal and temporary and can include, redness, tingling or swelling.

Less common side effects of HIFU skin tightening are bruising, temporary numbness, temporary muscle weakness or nerve inflammation.


When will I see results?

Approximately 20% of the result can be seen immediately after the treatment with the final result visible 3-6 months later.

This treatment requires no dermal filler products or botulinum toxins; it relies solely on the body’s natural regenerative capacity.


How long does a HIFU facelift last?

Everyone is different but depending on your lifestyle, you should expect HIFU facelift results to last between 12-18 months. We recommend top-up treatments annually to maintain the lift.

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