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Body Toning

At ERA Skin & Laser Clinic in Oxfordshire, we can tighten, contour, and shape up body areas for you with cellulite reduction and body toning. Body treatments are a popular way to lift and firm areas of the body such as the bottom, thighs, and stomach.

​Our award winning Endoshape 3D Body™ system uses a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and cavitation, alongside suction for lymphatic drainage.

Firstly, we there is cavitation which uses heat and ultrasound to ‘melt away’ fatty areas. Then we use radiofrequency to stimulate collagen, tone and tighten the skin. Using these combined technologies, we can offer ‘butt lift’ and cellulite reduction treatment to clients coming from Thame, Aylesbury, and Oxford.

How It Works

Cellulite is a really common problem, affecting up to 90% of women at some point in their lives, and up to 20% of men. The reason that women are more affected than men is due to the way fat is stored in the body. Men and women’s bodies are structured differently. Men carry fat in a lattice grid formation, whereas on a woman’s body it is more open.

The cause of cellulite is fibrous bands between the skin and underlying tissue called septa. When fat is stored between these anchors, it bulges, causing the dimples seen on the surface of skin – like orange peel. Cellulite normally affects areas that are more prone to gaining weight; typically, the thighs and buttocks are the most common areas for fat storage in women, so these are the most common areas where cellulite forms. For men, the stomach and the thighs are common areas.

Endoshape 3D Body™ is a clinically proven system, which uses a combination of cavitation, radiofrequency, and lymphatic drainage to treat stubborn cellulite.

What are the benefits of Endoshape 3D Body?

  • Increase blood circulation and cellular metabolism, alongside lymphatic drainage.
  • Stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin for natural skin rejuvenation.
  • Smooths cellulite and lifts the buttocks



Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recommended No. Of Treatments


Numbing Cream


Side Effects

Temporary redness, tenderness


Improves over several weeks

Duration Of Results

6 months

Back To Work


Full Recovery

24 hours


What areas of the skin can be treated?

Cellulite is not excess fat, but a cosmetic skin condition that causes a dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin. This is the result of fat deposits that push and distort the fibrous connective tissue bands beneath skin, causing the appearance of lumpiness and leading to the characteristic ‘cottage cheese’ texture of the skin.

While the appearance of cellulite tends to worsen in proportion to the amount of fat present in the affected area, cellulite can affect even the thinnest of ladies. The reason for this is that while fat deposits do exacerbate the condition, fat itself is not the primary cause.

Cellulite is, therefore, perfectly natural and affects 80% of women of all sizes and race. The most common places to see cellulite are the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. People are also more likely to be affected by cellulite as they age due to natural skin thinning and the loss of skin elasticity. This exposes the rippled connective tissues underneath.

There are three common types of cellulite:

  • Adipose cellulite, which is the firm cellulite, orange peel appearance on loose skin.
  • Oedematous cellulite, which is fluid retention, soft cellulite often on loose skin.
  • Fibrotic cellulite, which is hard, compact cellulite with the cottage cheese effect.

There are also four grades of cellulite appearance:

  • Grade 0 cellulite: You have smooth skin while laying down and standing up.
  • Grade 1 cellulite: Dimpling only appears when you pinch the skin.
  • Grade 2 cellulite: You have smooth skin while laying down, but some dimpling appears while standing.
  • Grade 3 cellulite: Dimpling appears while you are standing and laying down.

The causes of cellulite include hormonal changes, genetics, weight gain or loss, a poor diet, accumulated toxins, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, or smoking. There is also speculation that tight clothing and frequent sitting can cause cellulite.

While all these facts can make cellulite appear like an acceptable skin condition, most of us will admit we want to see it gone for good or at least, improve its appearance.

The truth is that cellulite can really affect your self-confidence, making you feel uncomfortable in situations when your affected skin areas are exposed.

Endoshape 3D Body™ is a clinically proven system, which uses a combination of cavitation, radiofrequency, and lymphatic drainage to treat stubborn cellulite.


Will I need a consultation for body toning and cellulite reduction with Endoshape?

During your free consultation one of our body specialists will assess your cellulite and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Results are not guaranteed. Lifestyle and diet can affect the results of your treatment. Your therapist will discuss treatment goals and expectations during your initial consultation.


What can I expect during treatment?

Cavitation is combined with radiofrequency, an aesthetic technique which heats up the different layers within the skin to promote the creation of new collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Radiofrequency sends an electric wave of micro pulses to generate heat in the treated area. The heat acts on skin tissue and as a result, stimulates blood circulation and the formation of collagen and elastin, reducing the ‘orange peel’ effect by sculpting the body, tightening sagging skin and improving its luminosity.

Creams (from Endor Technologies) and body brushing can be used to improve the look of cellulite and work well alongside treatment to further enhance the results. We recommend:

  • Firming and Body Shaping Cream – This clinically proven, highly effective cream has an incredible 3-in-1 effect. It helps promote the development of muscle and lower the expression of the genes which are involved in the accumulation of fat. As a result, your skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother, whilst feeling intensely soft and hydrated. This miracle-in-a-pot is formulated with Nano Gold Technology and a biotechnological active of a special sea sponge, which is only found in the oceans of Bermuda. Apply it twice a day to decrease the size of your arms, thighs and abdomen and generate an overall improvement in the appearance and tone of your silhouette.


  • Anti-Cellulite Cream – An amazing lotion to further improve the effects of cavitation and radiofrequency at home. It visibly reduces the size of thighs, abdomen and arms as well as boosting the skin’s firmness. With a high concentration of Shea butter to provide deep skin nourishment, its clinically proven formula significantly improves skin texture while minimising the appearance of visible cellulite. You can use it all year round to maximise its efficacy.


  • Body Brushing – Dry body brushing encourages important blood flow which has a plumping effect on the skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The best way to do it is to apply a good pressure to the brush as you stroke upwards to aid the circulation process.


How long does Endoshape 3D body toning treatment take?

Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.


How many treatment sessions are recommended?

The number of treatments depends on the grade of cellulite that you have, your age and how active you are. Most of our clients require 8 treatments in total, with a 10-day gap in between.


Is there downtime after an Endoshape 3D body treatment?

You may experience some temporary redness and tenderness after treatment due to the action of the suction for lymphatic drainage and the radiofrequency energy. This should resolve within 24 hours.


When will I see results?

Results are not guaranteed. Lifestyle, age, and diet can affect the results of your treatment. Your therapist will discuss treatment goals and expectations during your initial consultation.

Results will be visible almost immediately, after a single treatment, but you will need to allow some time for your body to complete the lymphatic drainage. The radiofrequency and cavitation will also cause tissue tightening which continues to improve over several weeks as it stimulates a natural healing response and the production of new collagen.


How long does body toning treatment last?

As with all non-surgical treatments if you put on weight or cut down on regular exercise, you will be at risk of cellulite returning. You can help mitigate this risk by following the guidance given by your therapist in terms of hydration, healthy diet, and exercise.

​Due to differences in metabolic rates, some people respond better to body toning treatments than others. Some choose to have additional treatments after 6-12 months to further enhance results. This can be discussed with your therapist.

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